Baking ham takes a bit of effort. You must know that it is a type of meal that can be messed up easily especially if you do not know what you are doing. With these in mind, here are some things that you need consider to make perfect ham baked recipes:

Buy the right ham

There are many types of ham. Hams, in general, refer to cuts of meat taken from the back legs or sometimes shoulders of a pig. The cooking technique will depend on the type of ham you buy.
• City ham: most store-bought hams fall under this category. City hams have been soaked in brine then smoked or boiled before being sold.

  • Country ham: these hams are considered dry-cured. They are usually packed in salt and often smoked and aged.
  • Fresh ham: these hams are not cooked and cured. This means that they must be fully cooked.

Determine the water content

City ham is the best choice for the family. As soon as you decided the type of ham, the next thing to do is to determine the water content. Keep in mind that hams with higher water content are cheaper.

Although cheaper, they tend to lose their flavor during cooking. If you want a flavorful ham, you need to invest. Check the label and pick if you see “only ham” not “ham with added water”.

Choose a bone-in ham

Bone-in hams are considered the most popular comfort foods because of its more natural and flavorful meat. Many people prefer the boneless ham because they are easier to cut. However, you should know that you would be missing out on a lot of flavors if you consider boneless hams.

Forget about marinating

You only marinate if you buy fresh or uncooked ham straight from the butcher shop. If you bought city ham, do not think about marinating. Remember that city hams bought in the grocery or supermarket have been marinated and cooked. If you marinate it again, it might ruin the taste of your ham.

Add sides

If you have kids around, it pays to get creative. You can consider adding vegetables on the side with the ham. You can consider potatoes and carrots. Adding vegetable baked recipes with your ham can enhance the flavor as well as the nutrition of the meal.

Wrap the ham

When it is time to cook, remember to wrap the ham in aluminum foil. This is one way of preventing the meat from losing any moisture. If you cook ham without cover, you are putting it at the risk of drying out.

Cook at 325°F

Most ham recipes call for cooking it at 325°F. This is lower compared to other meats but ham is not sold raw. Hams will take less time to cook.

Glaze the ham

It is advisable to glaze the ham to give it a delectable golden brown crust. Your glaze should give a hint of sweetness.

With a list of recipes and smart cooking tips, you can surely make the best ham dish for the holidays or any occasion. Nothing is better than sharing a classic ham over dinner. The ham’s perfect glaze and tender meat are enough to make everyone’s mouth water.

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