One has the responsibility to take care of their personal health to get back from some common means of health infections in this cool winter. Did you know one can judge the hygiene and cleanliness of the person by viewing their nails? Yes, by noticing on clean and healthy nails you have would tell you are a hygienic person. But, having neat and clean nails not only help others to judge you as best, but this also helps you to get away from fungal infection. The nail infection is commonly found on your feet but this is not always happen with your leg, but also your hands get affected with this.

Naturally, the nails would look pinkish in color with smooth surface. When your nails turn grayish, yellowish, or with rough surface, then this indicates that you are deficiency in particular nutrient or vitamin.  Even sometimes, the growth in fungi would cause this kind of look to your nails. Once the fungus in your nail starts growing, the nail color would automatically change. This can be the early symptom of onychomycosis. Did you know the fungus that triggers your nail can found everywhere like water, soil, and even in air we breathe in. Since, they found everywhere, and only few get affected with the fungal infection and form serious problem like tinea pedis or the nail fungus. Learn further to understand the major cause of fungal infection.

Here are the causes of the fungal infection. The fungal infection would be widespread to both the fingernails and the toenails. As started earlier, the toenail fungus is referred as onychomycosis. This has caused by the collection of fungus. The research says that, these fungi is dangerous for the reason, which they get thrive and breed on keratin, which builds up on the exterior part of the toe nails. This fungus would lead to disfiguration and the discoloration of nails. When you look closer, this is very infectious disease and sometimes this is hereditary too. So, try to treat this at earlier stage.

Some other bizarre truth about this that, it can be transmitted through person to person contact, sometimes due to sharing personal belongings like socks, towel, and shoes. This infection can majorly found among athletes and the varsity players. Those who are suppose to wear shoes and socks long time would have the possibility of fungal infection. The best relief is tried not to wear wet socks in this season. You can even learn some additional tips by getting into the link.

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