Many people around the world have diabetes. Some of them can manage the blood glucose level. This article will provide you with some effective ways to control your blood glucose level. This article is beneficial for the people who have any type of diabetes. A diabetic patient has a high blood glucose level because of inadequate insulin production or the inability of the body cells to respond properly to insulin. Patients with high glucose experience frequent urination and increase in thirst and hunger.  Here you will come to know how to lower your A1c level.

After reading how a volleyball coach managed her glucose level, you will come to know you can also manage your blood glucose in this way. She was leading a very healthy life, and she was physically very active, but she was worried about her husband as she was in fear that he might develop diabetes because of his diabetic family history. She got injured in a volleyball match, and she was not able to sleep for the next two nights. She was very confused and wanted to know why this was happening. Finally, she decided to consult the doctor. She diagnosed with type2 diabetes. Her glucose level was 276mg/dl, and A1c was diagnosed with 12.3%. The doctor told her to get admitted to the hospital. She got discharged after 24 hours.

The doctor told her to go for running or walk daily to lower her A1c level which looks odd for a volleyball player and a physically active person. She made a diet plan which was stricter than the earlier one. One day when she went to another doctor where she came to know she did not have Type2 diabetes but she had Type1 diabetes. The news was shocking to her. She was recommended to use low carbohydrate diets. She was determined, and she made up her mind to reverse diabetes. After sometime she noticed she had gained some body weight. She hoped for some way of managing diabetes, and she started searching on the internet for the best practices to lower the blood glucose level. After an extensive search, she came to know about mastering diabetes online. Soon she started the mastering diabetes program and planned for her diet which was low fat and whole food diet.

The results are noticeable after following the diet plan. She increased her carbohydrate to 400 grams per day. Her insulin intake got reduced from 12.3% to 5.3%. Her cholesterol level reduced to 120/90 mmHG from 150/90 mmHG.  The result was so good and she was feeling as she was free from any disease. She has set an example among other diabetes patients suffering with the same problem.

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