Whether referred to as spinning, indoor cycling, or riding a stationary bike, pedaling for 30 to 60 minutes is a dynamite workout. Better yet, taking a class or two offers some benefits you just can’t get from cycling at home alone.

At Mcycle in Salt Lake City, they have classes for riders of all skill levels. They have gone out of their way to create an environment and culture that accommodates nearly everyone. And yet, how many people who could take cycling classes at their studio don’t? It is the same all around the country.

Have you been challenged to take an indoor cycling class? And if so, have you accepted the challenge or turned it down? There are lots of excuses people give for their lack of exercise. Below are five such excuses that cannot be applied to indoor cycling.

1. “I am not an athlete.”

How many people avoid exercise because they think it is only for athletes? It’s not. Every human body, athletic or not, needs moderate regular exercise to maintain optimal health. As far as indoor cycling is concerned, you don’t have to be an athlete to do it. If you can sit on a bike and operate the pedals, you can ride.

While it is true that indoor cycling classes are categorized by intensity, there is no requirement to take an advanced class. Low-intensity beginner classes are available as well. Even someone who has never been on a stationary bike can handle a beginner class.

2. “I don’t have the time.”

Another excuse is a perceived lack of time. The nice thing about studio classes is that you can fit them into your schedule. Most studios are open from early morning until well into the evening. Anyone who has time to binge-watch their favorite TV programs can find time to exercise.

3. “I would be too embarrassed.”

It is understandable that some people would not want to go to a gym or fitness studio out of embarrassment. Yet embarrassment is still not a good reason to not exercise. Note that many indoor cycling studios go out of their way to develop a community spirit designed to foster social interaction as much as exercise.

People in the cycling community also tend to be very open and accepting. In fact, cyclists often see themselves as part of a close-knit and special group. That sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself is one of the intangible benefits of belonging to the cycling community.

4. “I can’t afford it.”

For some people, there is a legitimate concern of expense. When times are tough, signing up for a year-long gym membership or a package of 10 classes just might not be doable. But studios tend to offer single classes at a very affordable price. You can take a class for less than you would spend on a decent dinner at your favorite restaurant.

5. “My body can’t handle it.”

Finally, do not let your lack of physical fitness keep you from trying a cycling class. Indoor cycling is a low impact exercise that is easy on the joints. Its biggest benefit is cardio, which might be just what you need to start improving your health. Few forms of exercise offer the same cardio value in relation to impact.

We human beings have a knack for coming up with excuses for why we don’t exercise. At least where indoor cycling is concerned, many of those excuses simply evaporate. Maybe that’s why indoor cycling is so popular these days. People are figuring out just how great it is.

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