CBD is known to be a remedy to various ailments. It is derived from the hemp and cannabis plant, which belongs to the marijuana category. You may be wondering that it is a kind of drug. Well, not really. It is considered a part of the marijuana group because of certain components present in the plant-like THC.

THC leaves a psychoactive effect on an individual. This means, the person feels high until the effect remains in the body. Sometimes high dosage also leads to hallucination, which is again a property of marijuana. This is the only reason why the FDA doesn’t approve CBD with THC in certain states.

Some CBD products are legalized because they’re made from a pure form of CBD. THC is extracted from cannabidiol through processing, heating, and filtration. The purest form of CBD is known as CBD Isolate. FDA approves legal trade of CBD Isolate and products derived from it in a few states.

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A cannabis plant contains at least 120 components out of cannabinoid CBD and THC is some of the compounds. All these 120 components are extracted from leaves, stem, roots, etc. still they all have various benefits. As mentioned above THC contains psychoactive effect but CBD doesn’t. If the product contains a low amount of THC, then that person will not have any psychoactive effect.

Here are some uses of CBD in daily life –

  • It gives instant relief from any kind of muscular or nerve pain. It is better than an opiate that can addict a person.
  • CBD can also assist in treating problems like anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD. It doesn’t have any psychoactive effect like THC, still can be very helpful in such conditions.
  • It is a good remedy for people who undergo the after-effects of chemotherapy. It helps in increasing appetite which is good for reducing nausea and gain strength.
  • Children and adults suffering from epilepsy or severe seizure have shown positive signs after taking CBD.

Some benefits of THC –

  • THC helps people suffering from Tourette syndrome, tremors, multiple sclerosis, and muscle spasm.
  • THC helps in reducing eye pressure which is good for people suffering from glaucoma. CBD also helps in the same treatment.
  • THC creates drowsiness which is beneficial for people with insomnia.
  • Patients suffering from cancer, HIV, or arthritis have considered THC as one of the best options for recovery and relief from pain.
  • Since it leaves a psychoactive effect, thus, people suffering from stress and anxiety have shown positive results after consuming it.

You may ask then why differentiating CBD and THC of both provide relief from pain and help in treating many ailments. This is because THC leaves the psychoactive effect, hallucination, drowsiness, which isn’t felt after taking CBD. CBD as well as THC together can work well, but at work, school, market, college, or parties, you can’t afford to sleep or stay high.

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