As the internet continues to grow, the importance of client outreach is magnified. With so many competing entrepreneurs, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. The cutthroat nature of the industry has led aspiring professionals to pursue any means necessary in order to stay ahead of the pack. Social media sites like LinkedIn have developed a reputation for being an effective way to reach potential clients and customers. Do you need to create a LinkedIn profile in order to stay competitive?

Crafting a LinkedIn Business Account

If you were to look at this founding CEO’s bio, you would see an individual with a clearly outlined resume. Combining their key information with their professional history in a user-friendly way will help them to reach potential clients. By taking this concept and porting it over to your LinkedIn profile, you can find even more beneficial outcomes. Let’s outline a few key benefits of a LinkedIn profile, below.

1) Easy Outreach – Take a moment now to search your name on your favorite search engine. Are you happy with what you saw? If you don’t have a LinkedInaccount, there’s no telling what came up first due to the nature of the algorithm. Creating a profile on a high-integrity website like LinkedIn will help you to solidify your search results. With an optimized LinkedIn profile, your professional account will appear at the top of the rankings, thus allowing for easy outreach and customer connectivity.

2) Business Relationships – While social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook encourage off-topic conversations, LinkedIn is almost exclusively used for business. Connecting with former co-workers and future partners in a professional environment will ensure that everyone is on their best behavior. You can keep your personal social media private while still maintaining a relationship with your professional prospects. You wouldn’t believe how many business relationships have been fractured due to Facebook.

3) Employment Ground Zero – LinkedIn may not have a reputation for being a booming social media platform, but LinkedIn is still the most effective employment service available. Recruiters, human resource managers, and CEOs all spend their time on the platform, searching through profiles. What’s more, thanks to the way that LinkedIn is set up, you can find out who is looking for you and where they are from. No longer do you have to sit in the dark while waiting for a response from a prospective client or company.

4) Established Credibility – Finally, creating and maintaining an account on LinkedIn can be a great way to establish your industry clout. Thanks to the ‘skills’ system, you can get public endorsements that serve to establish your abilities. These endorsements can serve as the driving force behind your next big job. Make sure that you endorse people that you have worked with in order to inspire them to return the favor.

LinkedIn is a tool, just like any other. As an entrepreneur working on the internet, you need to take advantage of as many tools as you can. A well-run LinkedIn account can serve to build your clout, establish your credibility, and find you your next job.

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