A roof is an upper part of the building structure that forms the upper layer covering. It can also be described as the layering on the upper part of house or a building or a structure which provides shelter and protects us from wild birds or animals, adverse weather condition like rainfall, sun’s heat, provides warmth and many more.

Need for roof

Roof provides us shelter and enclosed space which guards us and protects us from adverse climatic condition like rainfall, wind, storm, thunder and lightning, heat from the sun in summer season, cold waves in winter season, it provides protection from wild animals and thus gives us an enclosed space free from adverse climatic effect and natural phenomenon. A roofing company always try to construct and design a roof which can be helpful in all weather conditions.


Characteristics element in designing roof

The characteristics elements in roof designing or we can say in roofing are. A roofing services near me has all three characteristics to design a strong roof.

  • The raw material – it is needed for a roof designing may vary mud, wood, banana leaves, wheat straw, rice straw, seagrass, metals, copper, tiles, marble, bamboo stem and different types of concrete. In different places, fashionable tiles with ceramic coating are used and have been dominating all the roofing materials used. Apart from different roofing materials also include asphalt, tar of coal, different qualities of rubber, polyvinyl chloride material, fabrics including Teflon, materials of shingles, slate and marbles and different design of wood and stone carvings.
  • The roof construction- it is the important factor as it is the way which leads to correct roofing practice A good construction determines the way it provides support to the pillars of the buildings and the way how the space under it is bridged and if or not the roof structure is properly patched. The pitch can be defined as the angle at which the lower and upper parts of the building are established. Pitch provides the stability and durability it also helps in providing a great design to the building structure.
  • The robustness – we can also say durability. It is the most important aspect in roof designing as if the roof is not strong enough to withstand the harsh factor the roofing is useless. For this the materials should be good enough, there should be no adulteration done with the raw materials also the roofers should be well skilled to provide a good base.


To make the roof strong it is widely necessary that the raw material used should be strong and durable and should be according to the location. If the roof construction is done in the right way then only the building is well protected otherwise roof construction is of no use. For this, a well-skilled roofer is needed who has the ability to construct good damage proof roofing structure.

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