Studies have shown that around 4.8 million households move to Sydney every year. Statistically, this means that every year eleven percent of residents move or, in other words, every Australian household moves every eight years. The need for a removal company usually results from the scope of a move. However, apartment moves with several rooms or even entire houses require the expertise and experience of a moving company.

What does a moving company do?

Moving companies are moving furniture from A to B. However, this is only a small part of the work of a moving company. At the present time, it is rather the case that a move requires sophisticated logistics and has to be completely planned through.

A moving company, for example, takes care of applying for a stop at the old and the new residence, ensures proper and secure packaging of the furniture and also ensures punctual and fast transport. Even if valuable antiques, works of art or a piano have to be transported, an experienced moving company knows how to work and, if necessary, works with a specialist. Also, the service of a moving company is the provision and return of moving boxes.

How to choose a moving company?

A look on the Internet or in a business directory underlines the wealth of companies that offer removals. So it is not so easy to find the right provider right away. For example, anyone who has not received any recommendations from friends or relatives can be guided by the size of a moving company. If this occurs with numerous vehicles and a large number of personnel, it can be assumed that a professional provider.

Ideally, the removal company will also provide advice and tips on how best to pack moving boxes and which transport goods require special treatment. Finally, care should always be taken to ensure that there is sufficient insurance coverage.

Full service

Here everything is done for you: from the packing of the moving boxes, the ready to disassemble the furniture, about the transport in a moving van, to the construction and concession of your removal goods in the new apartment. On request, the removal company can even take on formalities for this service, such as applying for a no-stop zone in front of the old and/or new apartment. This option is usually expensive but very convenient and efficient. In addition, a removal company is always insured against damage in complete removal.

Standard service

Normally, the moving company comes into play only when your entire removals are packed in boxes and dismantled ready. This variant is of course much cheaper, but the packing of moving boxes also takes an enormous amount of time

Recognize reputable moving companies

Moving with a forwarding company is a matter of trust. But trust is good, control is better. We’ll tell you how you recognize reputable moving companies. First of all, check the “external appearance” of moving companies: Does the company have an entry in the commercial register, fixed office and storage rooms with landline connections, own vehicles, and a permanent staff? An official transport license is also required. Also, prefer long-established and experienced skilled removalists Randwick like Bill Removalists Sydney or any other trusted removalists near your area.

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