Most of the time, startup companies and even large enterprises prefer setting up virtual offices in an effort to save money and to improve productivity levels of workers. However, having a physical address is still a huge must for businesses, especially for receiving mail, legal documentation and a long list of other purposes.

Some business owners choose to sign up for a PO box address. However, in most cases, this will only make your customers think that you don’t have the money to lease an office. They might even think that you’re running a shady business.

There’s also a long list of other reasons why it’s best to get a virtual address instead of a PO box address. We’re going to look at the top 8 reasons why you need to have a virtual office address in few.

#1. It makes your business look professional

As discussed earlier, having a physical business address makes you sound more credible as a brand. When a customer finds out that your mailing address only links to a PO box, they would think that you’re business is a huge scam. Others might even get the impression that you don’t have enough budget to run your company at all.

Nowadays, it pays to have an office address that people can look up online. This will enhance your chances of getting more customers and building your brand and voice.

#2. Build your image by selecting an impressive address

For most business, creating a solid image is one of the crucial things they need to work on. By placing your place in a good town or city you can make people think that you are indeed succeeding in your game. The best part is that you don’t have to rent the office. You simply need to rent the mailing address. If you receive mail, they will send a digital copy via email.

#3. You don’t have to get stuck in one place

Sometimes, you need to travel a lot to run your business. If you’re limited to a single mailing address, you mostly need to stay put so you can receive the letters and parcels sent by your customers. Also, if your team works remotely, you need to work double time to ensure that everyone gets access to physically sent emails. With a working virtual address, you eliminate the extra work and streamline your customer service and information dissemination process.

#4. Get a physical address without spending a large sum of money

Renting a physical office can indeed cause you a lot of money. Good thing, when you choose to rent a virtual address, you only need to pay a small amount. You also have the option to rent the one of the building’s room for a few hours in case a client asks to meet up with you.

#5. Benefit from superb privacy

PO Boxes do offer more privacy as compared to the usual street address. However, it’s still way better to have a virtual address if you want to minimize your risk of getting random messages and false leads. This is why many business owners today opt to avail virtual mail and business address services.

Unlike PO Box addresses which can be readily accessed online, virtual addresses are only provided upon your approval. Your assistant may choose to provide your virtual location if a client inquires about your services or if he/she wishes to discuss matters with your in person.

#6. Improve your competitive edge on Google

Online listing sites such as Yelp and Google My Business requires businesses to have a physical address. Most of the time, online listing companies don’t accept PO Boxes as addresses. If the address you have is located in a popular spot, you might even get a bit of boost in the search ranking.

#7. Centralize your offline customer service

Some folks still prefer to reach out to businesses by sending their formal letters via mail. If you want to keep track of everything, availing services from companies like Physical Address can immensely help you. They can gather every piece of mail sent to you, have them scanned then sent to you via email.

Instead of spending long hours going to the Postal Office to check the mail, you only need to wait for the company to send every bit of scanned document to your preferred email address. This way, you don’t have to miss out on anything.

You get all the details of the mail sent to you, categorize them neatly into the folders inside your Google Drive or Dropbox account. You can keep track of all the letters you need to respond to immediately with just a few clicks and search queries.

Nowadays, it’s crucial to manage your personal, legal and business mail. Having these gathered in a single place, you get to track everything effectively. This will eliminate making mistakes, forgetting to reply to customers and even losing important files. If you’re not taking advantage of virtual addresses yet, this is the best time to do it.

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