The television viewing experience has never been better. With new display and cutting edge smart intelligent technology, television production is in a golden period. From a black and white box to a flat-screen to now in a few years a “Wall”, there is no limit to how innovative we can get when it comes to television. Now, I know smart TV prices are climbing up the ladder along with some brands like Sony, LG and Samsung, LED TV price keep on incrementing every year.

What we also need to understand is the features, they are also advancing. From LCD to LED to OLED and now Micro LED we have come so so far and as the quality of the experience increases the price is something we need to bear. In this article we will be throwing some light upon the top 3 smart television in the market currently.

  1. Samsung Q9FN QLED
  2. At the top of our list we have the most significant name, Samsung. The technology it’s televisions carry especially the Q9 carries makes it spectacular and worthy of the top spot. It’s display is sleek, the smart features are spot on and the overall design is just so much appealing. Here are its most prominent features:
  • 65” Ultra High Definition 4K display.
  • Quantum technology. QColour, Q Contrast Elite Max, Q HDR Elite Max, Q Engine and Q Style Elite.
  • No connections at the back of your TV all the connections are regulated through a single box, making your TV setup look more presentable.
  • Samsung One remote detects all the devices connected to your TV and works with everyone of them.
  • Powered by Bixby Voice.
  1. Sony Bravia A9F OLED

Excellent sound quality? Check. Bright display? Check and and awesome experience? Check. The Sony Bravia A9F OLED is the one TV with best in class features and more. Want to know its top features? Here it is:

  • 55” and 65” display option with 4K UHD resolution.
  • Picture Processor X1™ Ultimate.
  • Acoustic Surface Audio+™.
  • Powered by Android TV.
  1. TCL 6-Series

We cannot finishing the list without mentioning the underdog TCL. TCL 6- Series is nothing but the best in a budget range. If you are one of those people who are more into the display quality rather than the smart features than this TV might just be best for you.  It’s highlight features include:

  • Android TV with Google Play.
  • A53 1.5Hz CPU, dual-core Mali T860GPU, 2.5GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB Storage.
  • Voice assist enabled.
  • 4K UHD display.

This is it for our list of top 3 televisions of 2019. If you are looking out for a TV for your living room, make sure you check these out, I am sure you’ll like them. Hope you check out all the features of the TVs and it’s pricing before you choose one.  And check out online options too.

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