If you are following regular news then you must be well aware, how coronavirus has spread to every corner of the world in the past couple of months causing deaths to people in almost all countries.

Even America has become one of the hot spots for this disease and every day the death toll is alarmingly rising up.

So far, no proper medicines have been found that can prevent this disease and the rate of death varies between 4 to 10 per cent of the affected people, which is really a matter of concern for all world leaders.

It looks like unless a proper vaccination for this virus is invented, we have to live with this virus and keep wearing masks to protect us from the virus.

Since there is a large influx of patients of COVID-19 in almost every hospital of the country and hence there is a demand for large quantity respiratory masks for various health care professionals, who are engaged in treating their patients.

As doctors and other health care professional have to remain in the hospitals for longer hours with their patients and hence it is necessary that they must protect them by wearing respiratory masks, rather than ordinary surgical masks.

What is the difference between the respirator and other masks?

These respirators used by a health care professional are also known as N95 mask which can filter 95% and more than that of any smallest particle that may be flowing in the air. Thus, they can provide much better protection against coronavirus.

Surgical virus on the other hand, usually are loosely fitted on the mouth and partially covers the mouth and nose. However, they can protect only from large droplets that can come due to sneezing and coughing of any person nearby.

However, they may not be so effective to offer protection against coronavirus and hence will not be suitable for medical professionals, who has to spend more time with corona patients in the hospital.

Precautions to follow while wearing masks

Following are few precautions that people must follow while wearing face masks in order to protect themselves from coronavirus.

  • One must clean their hands thoroughly by using soap and water before using these masks. You can also use alcohol-based sanitizers.
  • Mouth and nose must be fully covered and no gap be seen between mask and face
  • One must avoid touching masks frequently. In case you need to touch, then make sure that you wash your hand properly with soap or sanitize it.
  • If you find your mask getting damp then you must immediately replace with another mask.
  • While removing your mask, try to remove from behind instead from the front side
  • You must clean your hand again after removing the mask.

When to wear a mask

  • Whenever you are going out for shopping or moving with the community where social distancing is not possible.
  • Whenever you are coughing/sneezing
  • Your mask will be effective only if you also couple it with regular washing and sanitizing your hand
  • You must know how you must wear a mask and also dispose of them off.

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