The inside of the toilet can do simultaneously and at the same time break a person’s house. However, if done with perfection, it can become an oasis, as well as a quiet place that can be easily used as a reflection of your own lifestyle. However, remodeling your toilet, as well as the panels for bathroom walls to achieve this, can be quite difficult, as it simply means that you need to remove the panel from the wall.

This process is considered simple and complex at the same time, depending on the type of glue that is used on the skin and the way it is attached to the wall. The best thing about this is that the tools and mechanism are easily accessible. However, even with this warranty, the removal procedure can be a little messy and even take many hours to complete, especially if the wall panels for the bathroom are wide and the fit is tight.

The best way to carry out this elimination process

• First, make sure you have everything you need to simplify the process and save time. When you have everything, use the drop cloth on the floor to collect all the fragments. When doing this, be sure to use protective devices, such as gloves, a dust mask and a mask.

• Start with the molding, especially if your skin is made of molds. Use a sharp chisel on the edge of the plaster and tap it with a hammer to loosen it. Once the throw is weakened, pull out its edge. Do this until it is completely removed from the toilet wall.

• In most cases, the edge of the panel generally coincides with the wall of the toilet. While this is the case, it is worth placing a chisel at this time and pressing it with a hammer until it slides below the setting. Once you have finished, simply move the chisel to loosen the edge.

• Below the edge, which was weakened, you will find a forehead stripe, where you will be asked to press the lever. However, when doing this, be very careful not to damage the surface of the wall.

• After that, simply take a loose landing and gently pull on its side. Continue making sure that the materials are not incorporated into the process. If you find that the wall panels are rather sturdy, use a chisel to gradually weaken the adhesion between the fit and the wall.

• Finally, open the doors and windows to provide ventilation to the toilet. Apply a little adhesive and let it calm down. Remove it later and rinse the wall thoroughly with clean water and a damp towel.


In most cases, when you perform the process described above, the pieces of a wall panel can be unconsciously broken by pulling it. Be sure to be careful with the bathroom wall panels to prevent them from breaking.

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